Transportation Grants - a Legacy Project

Changing children's lives for a lifetime

This project is to offer small grants of up to $500 to assist schools and civic groups (who work with underserved children) with transportation costs in bringing children to Mammoth Cave National Park.  Many schools and other organizations do not have funding for field trips.  Many of the children served have never had a field trip or a park visit of any kind.  Each trip includes an educational and informative visit to the cave and/or a surface hike.  Each visit is designed to meet the groups individual needs and goals.  Teachers may use this experience to dovetail with curriculum developed by the Park   Environmental Educational program that is State-approved for classroom use. 

From inception, this project has had demand that far exceeds funding-a strong indicator of need.   All donations to this project go directly into grants.  The amount of funds donated under this project directly correlates to the number of grants the Friends can award.  For each $500 received, a grant can be given. 

Annual need:  $10,000+

Visiting Scholar Program

Imagining the future, exploring the possibilities…

Mammoth Cave National Park is an International Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site.  As such, scientists, researchers, educators, and other professionals from across the United States and from around the world often visit the park to conduct research, learn more about natural and cultural resource management, park management, tourism and more. 

These scholars, scientists, and professionals are respected leaders in the areas of geology, biology, speleology, geography, history, environmental protection, and other related fields.  They are a great resource to enrich the educational experiences of students from area schools and enjoy sharing their expertise.   Funding under this project facilitates the interaction with these professionals by providing student transportation and other expenses related to visiting the park.  These opportunities provide students with a real-life learning experience of science and education to encourage continued education, possible career choices, and cultural diversity and awareness. 

Annual need:  $500-$2,000

Anchors for Success

Generating revenue...the more we raise, the more the Park benefits

Currently, the Friends have two anchor events annually:   the Pedal for the Park in the spring and the Walk in the Park in the fall.   The Friends support the Park's special events, public functions, and small projects throughout the year from funds raised by special events. 

The Pedal for the Park utilizes park roads and nearby state roads outside the park; the Walk in the Park utilizes the 9-mile Mammoth Cave Railroad Hike and Bike Trail and other surface trails within the park.  Each event offers multiple options for participants of all ages and abilities. 

Your donation to this project helps cover out-of-pocket costs to conduct such events.  Both the Pedal for the Park and the Walk in the Park are growing annually requiring more support.   Your donation allows funds raised to directly support of Park activities, events, and small projects.

Annual need:  $5,000

Sister Parks
- a sharing relationship for the betterment of like resources

Mammoth Cave National Park has established Sister Park relationships with two countries-Slovenia and China.  These relationships allow for the exchange is ideas, technology, research, and management techniques in karst areas similar to our own, but across the globe.  With shared information, we mutually benefit in protecting and preserving the world's natural and cultural resources

This project enables a park exchange program between countries for park staff to grow these international relationships. 

Annual need:  $2,000

Endowment for Mammoth Cave International Center for Science and Learning
- A Legacy Project

The Mammoth Cave International Center for Science and Learning (MCICSL) works with multiple school programs at the high school and college levels.  This project is to fund summer internships providing students with 150-200 hours of work experience.   Interns would be involved in an educationally and scientifically challenging program to assist with on-going research within the park.  Oversight and coordination  of interns and individual projects would be managed by the MCICSL Director.  Funding would cover stipends, mileage, and housing as needed.

Annual need:  $10,000-100,000

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