The Goals of the Friends of Mammoth Cave National Park are:

1. to support memorable multi-cultural, multi-generational visitor experiences to Mammoth
Cave National Park in partnership with surrounding communities;

2. to serve as an ambassador for Mammoth Cave National Park and the caveland region,
promoting and enhancing understanding and appreciation of all facets of Mammoth Cave
National Park and the surrounding International Biosphere Reserve;

3. to support and foster educational programs and research projects, including those that
will improve students' competence in science and technology or encourage international
cooperation; and

4. to support, create, and encourage healthy lifestyles through the fitness opportunities and
recreational choices available at Mammoth Cave National Park and the surrounding region.

Current  Executive Director
Helen Siewers

email Helen

Current Board of Directors

Henry Holman - Chairman
Brian Dale - Vice-Chairman
DelMarie Vaccaro - Secretary
Larry Cox - Treasurer
LaJuana Wilcher
James Borden
Rick DuBose
Dion Houchins
Nick Noble
Kay Gandy
David Peterson
Gary A. Ransdell

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